Compatible rounded rubber strap?

Has anyone found any rounded rubber straps that are compatible? I like the yachtmaster look but not sure if any 22mm straps like that work for the dive watch.

Not sure what you mean by rounded strap, but I have their rubber strap and it fits their dive watch quite well

I have the blue rubber strap: DIY Watch Club FKM Rubber Watch Band - Blue – DIYWATCH Club

Thanks for sharing! The rounded (or curved strap) don’t leave a gap with the case. sharing a random one i found for reference: Kingsand ZULUDIVER Curved End Rubber Watch Strap (MKII)

I see what you mean. afaik it’s really hard to find one that fits perfectly. curvature comes in all sorts of different flavors. good luck

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Buckle and Stitch on Amazon - their Seiko curved end strap fits perfectly

(PXL 20220704 142832210 PORTRAIT — Postimages)

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Thank you so much!! That is awesome to know. Your watch really looks great. Looks like they’re sold out of everything right now but will keep an eye out. Really appreciate it!

Looks fantastic. Is it this store you are referring to? I can’t find any curved end strap. Perhaps they are all sold out now?

Hi, yes - no, I think it’s just that it’s not explicitly described that way? This is the one I got (in the orange, obviously)

Nice! Thanks for the link! I’m going to get one myself!

awesome thanks! i couldnt find it on amazon originally. im going to get one too!