Newbie, Additional Mods to Buying Kit + Watch Dial Aging Experience | Expedition

Hello, i’m a newbie, and am about to order the [[AGING COMBO] DIY Watchmaking Kit + Watch Dial Aging Experience | Expedition], with the upgraded tool kit, Timegrapher and Watch Demagnetizer. What are some highly recommended mods that I should do to this watch model? I’d like to order them now as well. Do I need to get a rotor tool? And is is getting a modded rotor a good mod? Thank you

I have had good experience with the rotor tool. It is a nice fit to the screw at the centre of the rotor. Really snug fit. I tried using the smaller screwdriver and I just could not get it to work.

Get the custom rotor too. Gives it a nice personal touch

I did go ahead and buy the gunmetal rotor with Seiko rotor tool and custom engraving, as the watch has an open back, and it’ll arrive all to me soon. I can’t wait. Thanks

Sounds sweet! Have fun!