Not my finest hour...

Ok, so, my wife purchased a kit for me back in August for my birthday. I’ve been crazy busy with a new job, so the holidays provided my first real opportunity to dig into this thing. Everything was going well enough, until I was attempting to level the minute hand…and snapped off the seconds pinion. Really bummed. I’m normally good at this type of thing, and was being patient and taking my time…but I just didn’t get the job done. I also scratched the dial a touch when removing the hands after an initial install wasn’t to my liking, in terms of the hour hands position on the post.

Anyway, I don’t want my wife to know I screwed this thing up…so I figure I need to purchase a new movement. I see where I can purchase the Miyota 8315 by itself. However, I don’t see any pilot watch dials. Do those only come with the kit?

Well, never mind. I found the parts. Apparently, one must search for the parts via Google, and then you can find the hidden pages for replacement parts on the DWC site.

Happens to the best of us. Hope the second round goes better for you!

Thanks, me too! I think it will.