Will Seiko bezel insert fit diver?

I’d like to put a dual time bezel insert on my diver. DIYWC doesn’t offer any but there are plenty available for Seikos such as this:

Would this be compatible with my DIYWC diver?

I read somewhere that their bezel and insert fit as a pair. So other aftermarket brands’ inserts have to be paired with their own bezel to work

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I’m surprised they don’t have a dual time insert for sale, since they released their own GMT diver not long ago. My guess is they will list those bezel inserts in their shop pretty soon.

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Search GMT and they have many different GMT bezels for sale. They don’t show up in the bezel section.

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Yes I was thinking the same. If I make the purchase will post here whether this works.

So at first I couldn’t find a way to search but if you shrink your browser window to “mobile” size, the search icon pops up. Quick search for “GMT” does have some results but curiously, no images.

Sadly, trick didn’t turn up any dual time bezel inserts.

Goto to the 2nd page and there are some GMT bezels.

Just saw they released the dual time bezel for sale, think i’m gonna buy it: NEW ARRIVAL - Bezel Bundle - Diver Ceramic Coke GMT Bezel Insert (Blac – DIYWATCH Club

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Unfortunately for me, this is a GMT bezel, not dual time (24 hrs, not 12). Hoping some dual time bezels come out soon.