Bezel is feels really tight



Does anyone else find that the Bezel on their diver model is extremely tight.
Mine is super hard to rotate, and the clicks (seems to be a 120 click, not a 60 like the description says) are very indistinct. It almost feels like a really tight friction bezel, and feels kind of sqaushy


Something similar happened to mine as well. For me, it was due to the gasket being out of place. I found out when I removed the bezel. I resinstalled and it was fine again


Did they upgraded to a 60 click bezel? That’s good news, the one I got a while ago was 120 click.

If the clicks are indistinct and bezel is tight, quite possibly the bezel is simply not installed completely. Like it’s halfway or 80% in. Check if the gap between the bezel and the case is the same throughout or not, or is it a wider than usual gap.

Other than that, I agree with what @sefven said. Removing and resintalling is a good idea in this case. Do not try to force turning if anything seems stuck. Perhaps the clickspring is out of place, perhaps it’s the gasket, it’s useful to remove the bezel and find out what’s wrong first


Hey @ChipMagnet could you email me your order number at I can check your order and probably figure out what’s wrong