Bracelet Recommendations?



Hi all,

I’ve just ordered my first kit! I’ve gone gone the diver, it looks great. Just wondering if anyone has recommendations of bracelet straps that would fit nicely? I assume there’s compatible ones that will align well with the curvature of the watch.

I did read another post where someone suggested to just take to a jewellers and try some out. Still in full lockdown in the UK at the moment, so that’s not possible right now, so i’ll be online shopping for now!

If anyone has suggestions I’d be happy to hear them!



Didn’t manage to find a suitable bracelet, but here’s what I went through. So I saw their straps are from EONIQ, so I looked up EONIQ and they do have a steel bracelet:

Judging from the lug size (22m) it should be a fit. But it doesn’t have a curve edge, so probably not something you’re looking for


Thanks…they look good. I’ll keep looking for the curved edge too.


Just an idea, since they claim a certain degree of mod compatibility with Seiko SKX, perhaps the bracelet for Seiko divers might fit their diver?

It’s tough to try that out with online shopping though. I would normally take the watch to a shop and find one that fits. Tough time for shopping really


Yes, i did wonder that! Think i’ll order one and try it out, worst case i’ll get it from somewhere that I can return it.



Hey @IainG, did you end up ordering a SKX bracelet and trying it on? I’m curious to know what your thoughts were


Hey @Alex, I did buy one but the rounded end pieces didn’t fit great to the watch so i sent it back. The diy watch club guys told me they’re planning on releasing their own end pieces in the summer so i decided I’d wait for that! IF you don find one that works, let me know! Cheers