Diver Help - Date Change Mechanism Broken?




Some background info - I was assembling the diver and I may have accidently changed the date around the 12 hour mark (I don’t remember exactly).

So I got up to the point of installing the hour and minute hands, and I was able to set the time without a problem. Then I pushed the crown into winding position, pull it out to change the time again - but now my hands won’t move anymore. It’s like the stem is not clicking with the wheels. The quick date change function is still working but I cannot set the time. Maybe I broke the date change mechanism? Can anybody help me out?



I can think of two things to check:

  1. Are the hands actually loose? Give the movement a shake and see if the hands slide to a different position. If so, they are loose

  2. Check the back side of the movement. When the crown is in winding position, and the movement is wound, does the balance wheel still swing?


The hands are not loose, and the balance wheel is also working fine. It’s just that turning the crown to set time doesn’t seem to do anything. If I turn the crown counter clockwise, the quick date change is still working.


Just my guess, did you try to pull the crown the the outermost position (which is the time setting position)? It sounds like you’re pulling the crown out to the quick date change position, which is the middle position. In that position, if you turn the crown counter clockwise it sets the date and it does nothing when you turn it clockwise.

The crown positions are, from innermost to outermost, winding > date set> time set. You should be able to pull it out one more click from the date set position.


Thanks buddy. I didn’t realize that haha. This is a big relief! :smile: