Diver watch bezel does not stay on



I have assembled the watch and all is working. I have peeled off the backing for the bezel ring but it won’t stick in place and just drops off. What am I doing wrong?


Do you have any photos or video? It’ll help us figure out the problem if we can see what’s happening


Seems that the shoulder that the bezel fits around sits up too high and the the bezel ring does not seat. Strange as during the build I did not install the bezel or front glass etc.


The bezel looks normal. Do you have photos of the bezel insert and when the insert is on the bezel?


So with the backing peeled off the bezel ring just spins round and if you tip the watch it falls off. The sticky backing doesn’t seem to be seating at all.


hmm from what you describe, it seems like the sticky tape doesn’t reach the bezel at all. I’d suggest you talk to @Jeff here, he can offer a replacement I guess


Hey @Supermotodave, sorry to hear what happened. Could you email me at jeff@diywatch.club? I’ll have my team follow up with you and get you a replacement


So I took the whole bezel off, the ring seemed to stick to it but when I put the bezel back on it popped off again. That’s why I thought that inner shoulder that the bezel fits around was too proud and pushes the bezel ring off.


I have emailed, thanks