Minute hand coming unseated



Recently completed my Mosel build (my first watch hooray!)
Unfortunately the next day, the minute hand had fallen off the movement, and was rattling around inside the case. I’m going to re-attach it it now. Any advice for how to prevent this from happening again in the future?


Same thing happened to me. Turns out the hour hand is too high, leaving little space for the minute hand. I press both hands down more and they are more stable now


A lesson I learned from mine which had its minute hand came off as well, is that it’s actually quite safe to push down harder onto the minute hand. The first time around I was too scared to apply a lot of force so it was only lightly attached

Next time I do it, I made sure it was absolutely attached by pushing until it no longer moves. I figured that the tube beneath the hand actually decide how much space it gets between the hour and minute hand. So it’s actually safe to push down until it no longer moves


I can imagine the horror seeing it getting detached. A few months ago I would have freaked out, but with my new diy experience, it’s so good to know that I can fix this myself. Love it!