Movement fell off hands




No real help needed here, this is more of a call for prayers. I assembled my mosel today, it is now finished, but at the beginning of the process… the movement slipped off my hands !!.. twice !!! To the table, not the floor, but still, that was very scary. The watch has been functionning on my wrist at the right time for a few hours now, but I expect it to stop at some point without notice, due to what I did to it. What do you think ?


Nah I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. A Japanese movement is quite the work horse and can take quite a beating


It’ll stop, that’s when you need to wind it back up

Jokes aside, don’t worry about it. If it’s working fine now, it’s working fine. IF it stops working, now you know how to replace a movement, right? That’s the beauty of DIY!


ohhh something similar happened to mine as well. I dropped it onto the floor but it has been performing quite normally. I guess you just have to monitor its performance for a while