movement keep stopping



Hi all,
i just finished assembling the watch, but the movement seem to stop every few minutes.
I double checked the hands were not lose, the crown is in the right position (secured to the case).
When it stops, i had to shake the watch quite vigorously to get it moving again and winding it up doesn’t seem to work beyond a few minutes.
would appreciate any help on how to fix this.



Did you wind up the watch enough? It’ll usually take 30-40 complete turns of the crown to fully wind it up

Also, check if any of the hands are in the way of one another

I’ll also take it out of the case and see if it still stops every few minutes

The point at which it stops, if it’s a consistent pattern i.e. when second hand overlaps minute hands or at a certain time, could be telling

Hope you find out the culprit soon enough!


Thanks Bryantf!
I did wind the watch up enough, but it only ran for 3 minutes before it stopped again.
the hands are not in the way and I don’t see a pattern at the point that it stops.

I’ll take it out of the case tomorrow to check and update everyone what i find.


Good luck! I might also remove the hands to see if the symptoms remain