New Watch Lubrication



I order the diver watch kit with blue bezel insert a few days ago. This will be my first kit. I am wondering if I need to lubricate the rubber case seal with silicone or other type type of lubricant. Also, should I lubricate the the watch stem? It seems to me that these parts would perform better if lubricated before final assembly. Am I over thinking this? If lubrication is recommended, what kind should I use for these parts? Are there any other parts that I should lubricant as well?


irrc mine came with a little bit of lubrication on the case back gasket, at least it feels slippery to me.

I don’t think it’s necessary to add additional lubrication to the watch. It’s functioning well enough atm.


If you are lubricating the rubber gasket, only use silicone based lubricant. Petroleum based lubricant will dissolve the gasket. Big no no!

Also, don’t lubricate the watch stem, the stem itself doesn’t need lubrication. There’s a gasket on the crown, lubricating that will do

You also need to look out for over-lubrication. More lubrication doesn’t always mean better

Personally I won’t bother. one or two years after, I might consider


New watch does not need lubrication. It is already lubricated.


Thanks everyone. I will assemble without adding additional lubrication.

I just received an update from FedEx that my watch kit will be delivered on Monday. However, I won’t have time until next weekend to assemble the watch.

Thanks again.