Stem Slipping in Setting Position



Just started building my diver today, everything was going great with little to no beating my head into the wall. Then when setting the hands my OCD kicked in when the date was rolling over just a tad too early. So I removed the hour and minute hand, reset them and now when I set the time the crown feels significantly looser than it did before and just ever so slightly junky/sticky. The time still sets but I’m worried this is a symptom of a larger problem. Is there a fix or part of the movement I should look at?


Did you try to quick set the date (the middle position of the crown) while the movement is around 12 midnight (when the date is transitioning)? I remember one of the tutorials explicitly warned us not to do that as it could damage the date change mechanism


If all the functions are normal, time sets, date changes, runs accurately, I wouldn’t worry about how a crown feels. Just go through a check on all the functions and makes sure they are fine

If an actual symptom appears later, you can always DIY fix it


Another idea: maybe the crown is loose? Does it come loose if you keep turning it anticlockwise?