Watch fogging up, did I do something wrong?



Hey all, I assembled my diy watch a few months ago. Looks great, runs great. But recently I’m seeing the crystal fogs up. Is this something to worried about?


Does it fog up only when it goes from an air conditioned place to a hot place outside? That could be just condensation.


If you want to be sure, you can take it to a watchmaker to test for water leak. It shouldn’t cost much. Some will even gladly test it for free.


I second @vanBaerle’s comment. get it checked to make sure its waterproof. worst feeling is not knowing if the watch works in water


Thanks all for your advice!

Quick update, I did take the watch to a watchmaker for a checkup. Turns out I didn’t tighten the case back enough so water is leaking in from that spot. Silly me! Now my watch is back to being waterproof!


lol we all make dumb mistake but glad to hear that