Watch Modding



Hi guys

Has anyone done any modding to these watches yet

Thinking of changing the bezel and dial on one of the diver watches.



Yeah I tried modding my dwc dive watch, fairly easy. I put a new bezel on my watch and it took like less than 5 minutes. In fact they have a short video tutorial on replacing bezel, you should check it out

Haven’t changed the dial myself, but judging from how I assembled the watch, shouldn’t be complicated.


Hey @Dax-Hart found the video Have fun with it


wow this is incredibly useful! It looks like I can play with their dive watch like I play with seiko mod!


I haven’t started working on my watch, but this modding thing sure looks interesting enough!

Suppose I’ll get some mod done to my watch once I’m done with assembling it



This is entirely new stuff since I made my first DIY watch.

Looks like my wallet gonna bleed again


Yeah I have my DIY dive watch with me, and from the assembly process, it does seem like you can easily mod it if it is just bezel or dial.

Go for it! @Dax-Hart