Am I Winding My Flight Series Correctly

Hi, I’ve recently installed my flight series watch with Miyota 8315 installed. I’ve been winding my watch by rotating the crown clockwise (when I’m facing the dial). When doing so the crown makes a very ‘satisfying’ resistive force (like some very dense, rapid shallow clicks).

Am I winding my watch in the right direction? the reason for my suspicion is because…the crown seems to be winding for as long as I turn it and never stop, and the watch doesn’t seem to hold the wind after removed (certainly not the 60 hours) and placed in dial up position (sometimes it stops).

Thanks for the advice!

I’m only using Seikos, but that is usually how it works. For the seiko, you can technically wind it forever. I believe I can feel a slight difference in resistance which I suspect is the mechanism preventing overwinding. But 60 hours is a lot of winds. The instructions say it’s 20 winds just to get enough for the second hand to start reliably.

Have you tried just wearing the watch for a day or two, and see if the automatic winder is sufficient to reach that 60-hour time limit?
If the automatic winder gets you to the 60-hour limit, let the watch sit for about fifteen minutes. Then manually wind and see if you can also feel a change in resistance. (With fifteen minutes, I can get in three quarter-winds before I feel resistance.)