are Seiko TMI NH72 movements interchangeable with a Swiss movement?

I got a watch kit from the link below. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I can use a Swiss movement like eta or a better seiko movement instead of the TMI NH72 it come with?

No. The Seiko and ETA (or Sellita) movements have different dimensions. They are not interchangeable

Similar question, hopefully not so far away as to be improperly placed here. I’m very new to all this and so don’t know much. I’ll likely have a lot of silly questions.

That having been said, how much trouble would it be to swap out for a NH70 movement? My thought is if you want to show off the movement, wouldn’t a shinier version of it work better? But I don’t know if there’s some initial adjustments that are made to the movements DWC provides that would throw off a newbie trying to swap one straight out of the box.

Is it just a straight swap?

Nah they don’t do any changes to the movement. It’s as simple as removing the hands, the dial, and the replace the movement. They even sell NH72A in their store, not exactly NH70 but you get the idea.

Link in case you need it: TMI NH72A Movement by Seiko (Gun Silver Skeleton Movement) – DIYWATCH Club