Assembly EONIQ x DIY WATCH CLUB Skeleton Expedition Kit | Seiko NH72 | BGW9 SuperLume

I am new to watch assembly and I am trying to find videos or something that explains how to assemble the skeleton of the EONIQ watch with the Seiko NH72 automatic mechanism (BGW9 SuperLume). If you can explain or give me a link to the explanation, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

Welcome! Fortunately, the skeleton uses the same instructions as any other Seiko watch assembly. So if you watch the assembly videos for the pilot, you should find every step works the same (the skeleton just looks cooler :wink: )

Thanks for your answer @nezumi.
The videos i have on diywatch club are :

  • Mosel series assembly instructions
  • Diver series assembly instructions
  • GMT Diver series assembly instructions
  • Expedition series assembly instructions
  • Flight series assembly instructions
  • Tourbillon series assembly instructions

Which one would you choose and do you have the link to the pilot video ?

Sorry about that! You’ll want to use the Flight one. If you queue up the wrong one though you shouldn’t get too lost. Some of the watches have additional complications which you won’t have to worry about (such as the date wheel and bezel).

Word to the wise, make sure your work space and hands are clean, and use those finger cots or gloves!!! I had a clean desk, but didn’t expect my second hand to go flying into a pile of cat fluff on the floor :frowning: with the skeleton watches it’s all the more important because everything is visible. Flip side of that, this is your first watch, you WILL get a ding on it, no one will notice except for you. You’re going to have an awesome watch!!

(My current project I’m wearing literally has visible glue on the minute hand because of the Frankensteining I had to do. Worth it because of the nature of the project, and if anyone notices it’s because they’re appreciating a watch I made myself and exists no where else in the universe.)

Hi, I tried with the flight it’s almost good, I just misplaced the seconds hand that blocks on the minutes. I’ll try again next time to position it better. I would have uploaded a photo but it’s not working, in any case thank you for your help @nezumi :slightly_smiling_face: :partying_face:

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