Bezel Inserts

Are bezel inserts from other sites compatible with the bezels from DIY? Or are there variables that won’t allow them to work? Thanks!

It’s best to get bezel and bezel insert from the same place. afaik different DIY stores have slightly different design and measurements for their bezel and bezel insert.

Thanks! So let me ask this: can I buy a bezel and an insert from another diy company and put it on a DIY Watch case? Or am I just opening up a can of worms?

Doesn’t hurt to try, but one way the bezel is customized for the brand is how it pairs with the crystal. I know DLW’s crystal height is specially made for its sloped bezel inserts. Pairs with normal crystal it looks ugly.

But anyway you should be able to install it at the very least.

Usually not, no. The blog touched on this succintly:
Mod Parts Compatibility for Seiko Mod | DIY Watch Club

90% of mod parts are Seiko, especially SKX007, which DWC doesn’t standardize on. They’re closer to the Sea Urchin (which I’ve never seen pieces for). The blog says the bezel can be replaced with an SKX bezel (I assume SKX007, since the SKX013 is smaller). But the DWC bezel insert is only compatible with a DWC bezel. So new insert requires a new bezel.

(Not a big deal, bezels aren’t hard to swap, and you aren’t scraping and replacing glue.)

Ah perfect. Thanks!