Bezel types. What does it mean?

Total noob here. Looked for this info but didn’t find anything. I apologize in advance if I just missed it somewhere.

Looking at modding the bezel, but not sure which one I ought to get. I know what I’m looking for as far as style goes, but they’re all listed with a type: Type A, Type B, etc, without any indication of what that means. There’s a pair that have the same image and description but list a different bezel type. What am I missing?

I’m usually a pretty Type B person, but don’t want to waste money or screw up the watch, so I’m becoming a bit Type A with this… I’m pretty sure that’s not what they’re talking about though… :slight_smile:

I guess they each refer to a particular type of bezel insert design. So the Type C is the design with smaller numbers, and Type D is the yachtmaster style etc.