Black GMT Diver without Date?

I’m considering the All Black GMT Diver but want a face without a date. Any suggestions for how to find a face that fits (and has similar quality, superlume, etc.). Thanks!

Same advice I’d give to a fellow in a neighboring thread;

I’m not aware of any GMT movement without a date. Not a killer though. Get a no-date dial and just put it over top. You’ll need to widen the hole a little. (Google searching your answer shows a diamond file is a better choice here than a drill, so probably do that.) Alternatively, any company that does custom dials MAY be able to do that work for you.

If you order a dial elsewhere: The DWC sandwich dials do look to be thicker than other dials, so there’s potentially going to be a gap with the chapter ring? But gaps are easy to deal with. (For reference, right now I’m wearing a Lucius Atelier dial, an SKX007 chapter ring, all in the DWC pilot watch case. There’s the slightest line of a gap, but I really like the effect.)

Another choice to consider is swap out the garish white date wheel with a black one. For your all-black build, that might fit your needs without reducing functionality.