Black PVD pilots watch keeps stopping

I have the PVD black pilot’s watch, and am having some issues with keeping it running. I have manually wound it, worn it and checked that when I agitate the automatic movement, the watch runs, but then it will stop after a few hours. It keeps great time when it’s running. Anyone had similar experience, as I am new to watch building.

I would check the hand installation first. Possibly the second hand is too high that it is touching the bottom of the crystal. Or the three hands are obstructing the other in some ways.

They have a video on it. It should be on their youtube channel.

Thank you AC4 for your feedback, and brilliant suggestion. Even though you think you have the hands set at appropriate gaps, once the movement is in the case it is impossible to tell. Based on your suggestion, I dissembled the watch and checked the hands and they all looked good in relation to each other and the crystal. I took the plunge and removed all the hands to see if there was anything obvious behind the watch face. In short I have put the hands back on, and recused the watch. It’s working beautifully now. I will provide an update tomorrow on progress. Thanks again for your support AC4, really appreciate it!

Happy to hear you made it

As promised, follow up update. Since I re-cased the watch having removed the hands, it is working like a dream, and hasn’t missed a beat. I synched it with my Apple Watch last night and it is perhaps a second different at most after more than twelve hours, brilliant. Thanks AC4 for your support, really appreciate it!