Can't push the movement holder in

The white plastic movement holder… I’m having trouble with it. Been trying to push it in, but it just doesn’t go in. It just gets stuck midway and there no way I can push it in further, and it remains slanted and partially not in the case. Is this a sign of a faulty movement holder?

I had some initial trouble with the movement holder as well. Trick is to put one side in first, then push the other side in. There is a notch you need to align first (it was near 9 o’clock for me), put that side into the case first, then apply some pressure on the other side, which should go in without much effort.

I second @NotBHI. There is a small round bump on the movement holder that must go in first. After that just push the rest in. I think the video has a section on this too. Would be good idea to revisit that video again.