I got to the part when I put the watch in the case. When I use my crown in the movement without the case it works perfectly as intended. When I put it in the case, I can wind the watch but I cannot set the time and if I keep pulling it pops right out. Anyone know how to fix this or if I have a defective part?

Which model is this? This sounds pretty weird. Normally, for the crown stem to be in the movement far enough to wind it, it’s in enough to engage and lock. For the NH movements, there’s a tiny button you need to push (see this forum: Seiko 7S26 Movement Disassembly (SKX) Stem removal same as NH Series 35,36,37,38 & 39 | WatchinTyme ) Is that button visible?

Best guess is, the movement isn’t in the case straight; i.e., the three holes of the case, the plastic movement holder, and the movement aren’t aligned. That friction is keeping you from thoroughly engaging. Alternatively, there’s a burr on the outside of the case OR debris on the inside of the crown which is preventing them from seating properly. You might also see how nicely the crown fits into the case WITHOUT the movement inserted.

(If you have a Mosel or Miyota, I have no idea, sorry. I’ve standardized on Seiko/NH. But I assume it’s similar, and you might follow the instructions for REMOVING the movement/crown to see if you’re seeing what you expect to see from a correctly seated crown.)

Also to confirm, you can WIND, as in the hands are turning normally and measuring time and there’s a clicking from adding power to the mainspring. NOT that you are adjusting the date and/or hands. Correct?

I have a mosel. I am able to push the crown in gently, I hear the audible clicks, and when I wind it I see the parts moving and the watch begins to work. However when I then pull out a bit to the second slot and hear/feel the click it will not let me change the time and when I pull out further it comes right out. When the watch is not in the case, everything works perfectly with the crown. It almost seems like the crown’s “pin” is not long enough for the case but I doubt that is the case.

I think the better way to describe it is the crown is not catching on the lock mechanism to keep it in when the watch is in the case so I can wind it but I can’t change the time and it won’t lock in if I pull out.

I was able to make it work by putting the holder in after the movement and crown, but the crown only shifts time one way. Apparently the crown is just a bit too short

I’ve never done the mosel one so hard for me to provide a good answer. But if it were mine, I would email support. If the problem is literally just the stem being too short by a mm or less, it is possible to release the crown from the stem and reset it. But it involves heat and precision, and probably you’d like Support to confirm they’re shipping you a new one before trying your hand at it.

Any chance you were able to resolve the issue with the crown stem? I just got the GMT Expedition kit and assembled it today and it behaves exactly as you describe. I can insert the stem and wind the watch as expected outside of the case. But when it’s in the case, the crown stem pulls right out. It really does seem like it’s not long enough to lock?

Yeah sort of. It’s not perfect as I can only set the time one direction but the support team gave me no assistance, compensation, or replacement of faulty materials (hence why I won’t be buying or recommending this company) but it works good enough for government haha.

Essentially you have to change the steps up. Put the whole mechanism in crown included with the casing then put the stabilizer in after. Hope that helps you!

I am having the same problem. But even if I put the movement holder in after the crown is set it will not go to the innermost winding position. I think the movement holder is just too thick. I may trying sanding it down a bit.

At the end of the day the stem was just too short. What I ended up doing was just ordering a new stem and making it slightly longer than the pre-cut one that came with the kit.

That did it. Works great now.