Dial doesn't go into the movement holder

Hey all, I’m at the step of assembling the dial and the movement holder. But it just seems like the feet are not aligned to the two holes. I can align one and the other foot is outside of the hole. Do I have a defective dial or movement holder?

Hope this isn’t too late. I had the same problem too. Turns out the feet on the bottom side of the dial is pretty flexible, which is good and bad, and is possibly the reason why they are easily bent. And if they are, you can’t push them into the movement.

See if this is your case. Check from the side, and from different directions. See if both feet are both pointing straight down. If not, use the tweezers to gently bend it back.

I found the feet to be quite soft metal, so a light bending will easily do the trick.

Hey, I was just looking to see if anyone on the forum had encountered an issue similar to mine. I am early in my “build” but it seems my movement does not fit into the plastic holder. I think you had the same issue. Did you resolve and if so, how? Thanks, Blee