Dial is loose

Working on the pilot with date window and the 8315 movement. The dial does not appear to seat fully and is loose. The movement fits just proud of the holder and does not appear to seat any lower. Anyone else seen this?

More details will help us help you. Things like photo of how the dial is loose or how proud is the movement. I’m not familiar with the construction of the pilot watch, but with some photos I can perhaps help you figure out the problem

I figured out the issue this morning. The dial feet are not fitting in the movement holder. The holes in the movement holder appear to be too big for the feet and it is not holding the dial. Even with no movement in the holder the feet will not engage the holder.


I am having the same problem (Pilot with 8315 movement: PVD Black Pilot Watch (EONIQ special edition) | F01 Lite).
Was there any solution provided already? - Will I eventually have to glue down the dial to the movement holder or will the case “stabilize” the dial against the movement holder once installed in the watch case? I fear the dial may come lose and rattle in the watch…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. the dial sits loose and crooked when placed on the holder / movement. Pilot with 8315 movement. Anyone get this solved?

There was a bit of wiggle room to my dial as well, but after I put it into the case it’s no longer loose. It looks like the dial is being held in place by the case. It should be safe to have a bit of play for the dial before putting it in the case.