Dial wobbles when placed on movement holder

When placing the dial carefully on the movement holder (Mosel series if that matters), the dial carefully falls into place… The pins are straight from every angle, the stem is perfectly centered, and the notch on the dial is aligned. There’s no pressure to apply, and I’ve tried for nearly an hour to make it a secure fit where it doesn’t wobble, but no luck. Any ideas?

Hmmm it didn’t wobble when I did my Mosel. But I remember clearly that a correct dial placement is like I had to push the feet into the movement slowly. It certainly didn’t “fall into place”. Did you manage to solve it?

I vividly remember in the video the guy talks about where on the movement the dial pins should go and shouldn’t go (I could be wrong though). My guess is that you’ve inserted the pins into where it shouldn’t go. Let me go check out the video and tell you exactly the point it happens.

Just checked. My memory didn’t fail me. It’s mentioned in the 1e video, at 1:31. I screen capped the visual for you here.

Interestingly the dial should go into the movement, instead of movement holder. Perhaps that’s another thing you might have done wrong?

Hope this helps

FWIW I just ran into the same issue assembling my Mosel. there was no mention in the video about wobble, but it did say it is acceptable to have around 0.5 mm space between movement holder and dial, which despite the wobbling was still the case with mine. I just rolled with it and completed assembly. so far everything seems to be in place correctly and no loose parts when on the wrist and moving around.