Diver Bezel too stiff to turn

A few months ago I got a Blue bezel dive watch kit.

I loved the process of making it and have been enjoying the watch but I have been struggling with the Bezel. It is so super tight its just about unusable.
I removed the bezel, made sure everything was clean but no luck.
I made sure the click spring was not bent or deformed in any way no luck.
I checked the seal was in the right place and there was no defect in the channel on the watch or bezel… no issues found and still no luck

To diagnose I then took off the bezel and reassembled with the click spring out… it was still stiff.
I then took the gasket out and reassembled and it spun around with no issue.
I therefore believe its something to do with the gasket but it seems to be in correctly and lined up.

Its really upsetting because it has gotten worse and worse to a point where I cant use the bezel at all and basically makes the watch not worth using.

Is there anything I can do…

Seems like something is wrong with the gasket? Maybe email DWC and ask them about it with all the steps you tried. They can get you a replacement if it really is the gasket’s problem

I’ve not done the DIY bezel yet. But there’s a few things you can try.

Check for any manufacturing defects like burrs.
Apply a little silicon grease
Let it soften with use.

It could also just be it’s designed to be a little stiff.

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I have checked the case and thankfully there are no burrs. I am trying to see if I can source a new gasket and some silicon grease, lets see from there.
I did try contact DWC, No real help from that side as yet.

Crazy question, what gasket? Do you mean the spring?

For the grease, I have a white lithium grease I bought off Amazon. I’ll add the link below. It’s a big enough container you’ll be set for life. Use it on anything sliding. And resist the urge to over apply :slight_smile:

For the spring, you could probably find them elsewhere with searching. DIY uses an unusual bezel size. But it’s not an expensive piece. If buying from DIY, the shipping will be ten times more than the piece.

Absolutely do not use white lithium grease on watch. Not on watch, but I used it on some metal hinges and the spillover ate into the plastic near it. White lithium grease will dissolve plastic, and quite possibly the rubber gasket too. Use silicone grease instead.

Te recommended lubricant on most watch instruction guides is Molykote DX Paste. I recommend you google it for additional sources. Mine has lithium as an ingredient (on Amazon it’s a circular container with a yellow label). I’ve not had any issues, but also if you’re putting modest amounts on where the steel contacts, it shouldn’t flow into the gasket for the crystal. I’ve had it on this build for a few months. Also used it lightly to seal the rear gasket directly with no ill effects, including during repeated water tests.

Of course, your watch so it’s up to you to research it.