Does your dial back look like this?

Hi all - does the back of your movement look like this? I’m somewhat convinced my 35mm Mosel dial does not fit correctly on the Miyota movement. Specifically, I’m wondering if you all have this spacing ring and holes in similar locations as pictured. Thanks!

Mosel dail back

The dial for mosel is kind of frustrating to install for me. The hole on the movement is shaped like an unbalanced “3” and the pin is supposed to go in the larger, rounder hole on one side of the “3”. It took me quite a while to figure that out.

Did you have the 35mm?

  1. But it’s the same miyota movement.

Thanks for the info. Were your pins sitting on a spacer ring as in my picture?

The spacing ring is there, and the holes absolutely do not matter at all. I checked mine and the pins are in the same positions.

At this point, I’d suggest you try again and rewatch their video regarding dial installation. They did clearly explain the hole shape on the movement, which is helpful. Also you can try straighten the pins a little bit.

On a second thought, after reading your other topics here, it does seem like the dial spacing ring is a wrong one. Maybe @Jeff on this forum can help you with it

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It does look like the spacing ring is in a wrong position. @joecool could you send me an email at I’ll have my team arrange a replacement dial for you.

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Great, I was beginning to doubt my engineering skills. Email sent. Thanks, Jeff.

Received the replacement dial today. Took 5 seconds to install after I spent hours deconstructing the faulty one. Thanks for your help noticing my issue and getting @Jeff on board.

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