DWC-D03 watch with DWC-D01 bezels

Hi. I am interested in buying a Diver GMT watchkit, to be specific this ons: White dial "Coke" Diver Dress GMT Watch Kit | Stainless Stain Bracelet – DIYWATCH Club Now it says ‘DWC-D03’ and when checking the bezel inserts in the shop, the ones I am most interested (this one for example: Stainless Steel Diver Bezel Insert - Type D Silver – DIYWATCH Club) in say, they are for DWC-D01 dive watches. As I am new to watchmaking, I am now a little unsure if this bezel mod would work and if so, if there is a special bezel required, or if i should just stick a watch that says DWC-D01.
Thanks in advance for your help!


They will fit because it’s basically the same case.

The reason I think they say it’s for D03 vs D01 is that fact that the Coke bezel insert is a 24 hr bezel insert, so it’s intended for GMT watch, while the silver insert is a diver countdown bezel. It’s just a matter of the numbers on the bezel insert.

Allright, Thank you very much!