Everyone safe out there?

This corona virus is really bad, hope everyone is safe! How’s everyone spending their quarantine time?

I’m quite glad to have by DWC kit at home. It didn’t took too long, but it did help me to burn a few hours of boredom.

Now I’m back to being bored…

Same here. Have to work from home. Didn’t seem bad for the first couple days, but now it’s starting to get annoying. I haven’t wanted to go out so bad. I burn my time with netflix and binge watching youtube video on watchmaking. But I fear I’m running out of materials to burn my time with.

But yeah, better bored and safe than die

It totally sucks. Everything just grinds to a halt. I’ve been staying at home for over two weeks now. Never though I’d say this but I actually miss working in an office. Oh the irony.

On the bright side, I’m still healthy, so I have that going for me.

Did I just create an account just to comment on this thread?


seriously stay away from me

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