GMT and Dive Watch swap

I have a GMT (NH34) movement in an expedition case and a DWC-D01 dive watch (NH35). I am thinking of swapping the movements between watches and adding a GMT bezel to the D01.
Will I need to take the crowns along with the movements? If I do need to move the crowns, does the NH34 crown screw in like the NH35 one does?

I’m curious if you tried this and what your results were? I’m guessing the diver crown stem is a tiny bit longer, but I’ve never attempted this to find out.

I haven’t started the process yet, I’ve asked DIYWC and am waiting to hear

It’s non destructive to remove and insert a stem. Is there a reason you aren’t just attempting to see?

(My suspicion is, the stem will engage either movement fine. But the diver one will be too long and visibly protrude, and the pilot one will be too short to engage + won’t screw on. Since they’re both Seiko, I’m 80% sure the crown has to stay with the case, but will work fine with either movement.)

I am more worried the diver crown won’t engage the GMT, I am waiting for another diver case and will make the swap when it comes in