Hairspring slipped regulator pin

The regulator pin is really hard to move. While trying to trim off about 10s/day error, I used a toothpick to nudge the regulator tab and (oops!) slipped. Looking at it, I think the hairspring is not running through the pin any longer. The watch runs, but I’m adding about a minute every six hours.

I do plan to replace the watch in a month or two, after deciding if I’m someone who would actually enjoy wearing a watch for years. So primary goal is to keep this watch running for at least 60 days to try-out “watch life”.

So given where I am as a DIY newbie, is this an EASY fix, I should try now, with just a steady hand; a MEDIUM fix that should wait until I have a second watch and am comfortable with risking this one; or a HARD fix and I’m guaranteed to trash the movement without better tools and more practice?

Normally it should be quite hard for the hairspring to come off the regulator, unless it was a really strong slip. So check if that’s really the case. It’s quite hard for me to judge without a photo.

If you’re really newbie, I would advise against doing anything to the hairspring. You’ll like it bend it and without proper training it’s near impossible to bend it back into a proper shape. A movement swap, or just the replacement of the entire balance cock, can solve your problem with a relatively low cost.

Wanted to circle back and thank @NotBHI .

Bought a pair of balance cocks. Put the uglier one in so I don’t feel bad making a second oops later. Now on to building the timegrapher to actually approach accuracy!!

Forum isn’t letting me post photos, but here’s a link for anyone interested. Original (damaged?) Seiko balance cock is on display.