Has a problem with the time - Mosel w/ Miyota 82S0

Hi there,

This is my first time to diy a watch and I did not know what happened to my watch.

I followed the instructions to assemble the watch and all the parts function well. However, I checked the watch after 4 hours. The time is one hour slower than the correct time. Every time I adjust the time and the time is not accurate after few hours. But the movement and the hand are moving normally. May I know if there are any solutions to fix it?

Thanks a lot!

I would check the hands first:

  1. Is any of them loose? Give the watch a pretty good shake, does any of them shift in position?

  2. Check the clearance. Is any of the hands stuck at any point? Like second caught in the way of minute hand, hour hand touch the dial etc.

Thanks a lot!

Checked with the hands according to your suggestions:

  1. They were not loose after shaking.
  2. It is 2-hand, hour and minuets. It seems they did not overlap with each other. When I adjust the time, both hands move very smooth.

I am pretty sure the first two hours the time is right but when I checked it after three hours the time is slower…

Is it the case where the time consistently slows down at a certain time? Say it slows down every time it’s near 4 o’clock on the dial. Or does it slow down after a certain period of time after fully winding it up? Like it slows down every time 2 hours after winding it up fully

I observed for few days. It really slows down after two to three hrs. However, the movement is working even it slows down. Are there any ways to fix it?

Just chiming in with an idea, so after it slows down after 2-3 hrs, does it slows down even more (like after 2-3 hrs it’s 1hr slower than the real time, and after 6hrs, it’s 2hr slower than the real time), or does it stay 1hr slower than real time?

Another test is, after it slows down after 2-3hrs, if you wind it up fully again (>40 turns of the crown), does it go back to accurate timing (i.e. stays at 1hr slow) until the next slow down happens?

I would suggest that it’s mostly either a problem of the power reserve, or a problem of a certain obstruction. If it is power reserve, it’ll keep a slowed down speed after the slow down. If it is obstruction, it’ll go back to normal speed after the “slow down”.

Thanks for the suggestions. The time will continue to slow down but it does not stop moving. So I think it is probably the power reserve problem. Not sure what can I do…

Hi, Did you find the solution? I have the same movement and mine is slow as well. I have reset the hands 3 times to make sure they are straight ect… every 3 hours, it gets around 15 min behind…