Hello - just joined and purchased

Greetings - long time watch enthusiast, have always been fascinated with watchmaking, was PM’ing with a friend on The Rolex Forum and he mentioned this place - build your own watch!

Ordered the Expedition Watch With Sapphire Dial | DWC-D02S with the Pro Toolkit, first of many I’m sure.

Going to do a thread on TRF and my straight razor shaving forum, every forum has a watch section lol.

Anyhow, looking forward to being consumed with this wormhole, so many watches to choose from, then so many mods I’ve seen I’d like to try.

Welcome to the wormhole!

I started off just like you – one watch at first, and then I just couldn’t stop trying new mod. It is so much fun. My wallet suffers, but I never regretted one bit!

Have fun with it!

Welcome to the Club. This is where you’ll spend a lot on useless stuffs and fancy mods (according to my wife)

In hindsight, worth every penny lol

So true. I am currently pondering whether I should get a new case and I am so close to hitting the button

Congrats on the purchase. I love the sapphire dial. When it first came out it went out of stock almost immediately. I had to wait a while to get it. Imo it’s totally worth the wait.