Help! The spacer doesn't seem to fit to complete my first watch build.

having a tough time with my first watch build. got a divers watch. it didn’t come with a watch movement holder and that finally came in, but now the watch spacer doesn’t fit the watch movement holder. the spacer seems to be too thick and doesn’t have the dial feet to align. (looks like the Miyota 8 Series picture). the picture of the final completed watch shows the spacer included, so i know it is needed. any suggestions? or was the incorrect spacer sent with the kit? (i tried to upload a photo, but it was denied permission?)

thank you for your help!

What spacer? The only spacer I recall is on top of the chapter ring. It doesn’t go into the movement holder.

Photos would be helpful. I’ve seen people post pictures without problem here. Perhaps use something outside like imgur or google drive or something

It seems to be referred to as a chapter ring or spacer in the instructional video …

Section 3c: Diver assembly instruction | DIY Watch Club

This appears to fit into the movement holder, but my chapter ring (spacer?) is too thick and doesn’t have the 2 feet posts to fit into the holder.

Any recommendations?

Thank you so much for your help. I’m stuck.

it appears that the movement holder and the chapter ring were connected (shipped connected together in the kit) - looking like one solid piece of plastic. i was able get them separated and assembled correctly.