Issue with Mosel Series K1 Crystal

Hi guys. So I built my watch a few weeks ago and have been loving it and wearing it every day. The build was super easy, it only took me about 20 minutes to finish and I had no issues. Great experience overall. Unfortunately I was working today, and I heard a loud pop. I couldn’t figure out where it came from at the time but I looked down a few minutes later and my K1 crystal has a stress fracture all the way around. Anyone else experienced this? I have been super careful, no impacts to the watch and no other issues with the crystal. I feel like this must be a flawed crystal, as it actually broke from the inside out, as you can see from the way it cracked.

Oh so they upgraded the crystal to K1? That’s nice! It was still regular mineral crystal last time I check, which must have been quite some time ago. Mine is actually holding up pretty well

Sorry to hear about the crack. From what I hear, it does seem weird. Maybe you should contact them. If it really just spontaneously cracked, they should be able to work something out for you

@QuadMcFly Sorry to hear what happened. Could you send an email to ? I’ll work out a replacement arrangement with you shortly

The same issue happened to me as well

Same issue here - I woke up this morning to find the crystal broken like the two shown above and laying beside my watch.

Update on my situation - I contacted customer service, and they said they will send out a new K1 crystal/case. I’ll update the thread as this progresses. Thank you to customer service.

Final update - DIY sent me a new crystal/case and even new hands and dial because mine was damaged when the crystal broke. I assembled the watch again, and it looks great. Thanks so much for the excellent customer service and super quick shipping.

Had this same thing happen to me as well. Ordered my watch in May. Top glass spontaneously cracked in a full circle just like above pictures in July (~2 months in). Very happy to hear that others are getting quick responses and replacements from DIY, but sounds like they may have a product quality issue.