Left Hand Dial for Miyota 8N24?

Hello, I just finished this DIY Watch Club Mosel skeleton kit based on the Miyota 8N24 movement. I wear it on my left, and I’ve found the crown digs into the back of my hand if my wrist is bent back, it gets really irritating over the length of a day.

I would love to find a dial that is upside down so I can rotate the crown to be on the left side of the watch, but I can’t find any obvious options searching for that. Does anyone know if that’s even a thing or would I have to have something custom made?

Thank you. Picture linked below:

Silly question, but are you not able to install that dial upside down? If it’s a question of the legs lining up, you can attach it with double sided tape or even glue.

Thanks, I did try that but like you mentioned upside down the holes in the movement don’t line up with the legs on the dial. I guess if there’s really no other option I could break the legs off and tape or glue it upside but that seems like it might end up sloppy or impermanent

This is not uncommon when dial feet are damaged.

The easy way is dial dots: Dial Adhesives for Watch Repair

But you’re right that glue is both more and less permanent in all the wrong ways. You can also do soldering which is probably the best method. The good news is these dials aren’t especially pricey so it’s okay to buy a few more and practice.

For awareness, one of my watches the dial (from another company) didn’t have enough friction to stay in. It rose slightly and stopped the watch after a drop. Easy to fix; pull the movement back out and reattach, this time using some scotch double sided tape on the movement ring. But the movement of the hour hand left a slight scratch I can see under the magnifier. So keeping it secured is important. And yes, aligning it so it looks right to you is also important (and maybe a better reason for the dots, since you can more easily remove it and retry.)

Fortunately this is a kit designed for building so I totally recommend giving it a swing and making the worlds only left-handed DWC!! I’ve had to rebuy parts from mistakes and it’s not really an issue.