Looking for bezel insert for SEIKO slim turtle SPB335(also known as SBDC183)

Dear all, I would like to change the bezel insert for my SEIKO slim turtle SPB335(also known as SBDC183), but seems that it is quite difficult to find the insert that fits my watch. SEIKO mod sites usually sell insert for srp turtle instead of slim turtle. Anyone know where to find insert for slim turtle? Thanks for your advice in advance.

What are the dimensions on it, compared to the SRP?

(I’m searching for a different, extremely obscure bezel insert, so I can keep an eye open. And I love the look of the slim cases.)

Dear nezumi,

Many thanks for your reply. My measurement to the original bezel insert is inner diamter = 30.5mm while outer diameter = 37.5mm. I hope slim turtle can also have the joy on seiko mod. Thanks for your kind assitance in advance!

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Found one for a “mini turtle”. Is that the same?

This is not the same series as spb335 but many thanks for your effort anyway!