Losing Time

Hey all…has anybody regulated the timing on a dIy watch? Mine is losing about a minute and a half a day. Not the end of the world, but kind of annoying. I have the GMT diver. Thanks

They have a very well made video on regulation, you can follow the guide at the end of it: How to Regulate a Watch using Timegrapher (and Improve Watch Accuracy WITHOUT a Timegrapher) - YouTube

Here is the link for another video.

Thanks to both of you. As soon as I sent the question I found the video. Made the adjustment today so hopefully this will get it on track. Thanks for the help!

Hi Amateur watchmaker here, if your watch is loosing that much time then yes you can use the regulator arm as others have suggested but without a timegrapher machine you are pretty much guessing and moving the arm runs a risk of damaging the hair spring which would then ruin the watch. I would also double check your hand stack to be 100% the second hand is not catching on either the crystal or other hands. Its unlikely but if the second hand was to drag on something and lose half a second each rotation that quickly adds up to a significant loss in time.

Thanks for the reply! I double checked everything when I first noticed the lag in time. Everything seemed good. I’ve been timing it everyday and then adjusting once a day. I’ve got it down to about -10 seconds. So I’m hoping when I check tomorrow I’ll be in a pretty good spot. Thanks for the suggestion!

I recently made my first DIY watch-assembly. Regulating the watch took most of the time. Approximately one week. My suggestion if you dont’t have a timegrapher… you’ll need some patience and a ‘Watch Tracker’ app to know very precisely the result of your actions. A smartphone app to serve as ‘timegrapher’ is also an option but in my case that was’t precise enough to be usefull.
When regulating… use your loupe… then you realise what ‘moving a notch’ does… ‘moving a hair’ would be a more appropriate description I believe.
With the Miyota 8315 I was able to regulate the watch to -2.5 spd. I also noticed that the watch should also be sufficiently wound.