Missing movement holder?

Hi all,

I’m on step 1C where it shows a white movement holder being installed on the Miyota movement. I seem to be missing this component in my kit. The guide mentions this should be pre-installed on the movement, but mine seems to be just the bare movement.

Anyone else had this issue or am I looking in the wrong place?

Do you mean the white plastic ring that comes with the movement? Because that’s weird, mine came with one already on the movement.

@Jeff might be able to help you out?

Hey @Sumohipster glad to see you here!

Yes if you bought the diver series with Miyota movement (instead of Seiko movement) (at the back rotor you can find out the brand name), it should come with a greyish white movement holder.

Check your pm, I just sent you a message to help you further diagnose the problem

All sorted now, the guys sent me a replacement.