Missing Parts

I received my first order from DIY last December. Regrettably it was missing several critical components including the hands, dial and the special engraved rotor. After writing Jeff per the instructions I did receive a personal email from Charlotte Lee who requested that I send photos to document what I did receive and determine if there were any other missing parts. I complied promptly after receiving her request but have heard nothing since. Several follow up emails have been sent as well as two DMs on Facebook, but I have only received automated responses and no further assistance. Can anyone advise me further on how to contact DWC? They have simply gone dark on me and I don’t know why. I simply want to try my hand at assembling this watch (which was a Christmas gift). Everything about DWC seems professional so I am both mystified and disappointed in their lack of customer support. Thanks for reading this.

Update: DWC has responded graciously and this issue is being resolved. Thanks to Jeff, Charlotte and others in customer service.

I just checked with my team and they have replied to your email. Over the holiday season our team is pretty overloaded with customer enquiries, so thank you for your patience.

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