Modding sandwich dial with custom dial help

I ordered the Expedition watch and a custom dial. The kit has a sandwich dial that is in two parts. I also ordered a customized dial (it’s one piece). My custom piece, though is only the single dial face.
When I assemble the watch, will the custom dial be loose or something in the case (since I will not be using both the parts for the original sandwich dial)? Do I need to make any adjustments to the instructions? Will the single dial piece be loose in the case, etc.?
I just want to be careful before I start the assembly process. So any help you can give me will be GREATLY appreciated.

#1 don’t be afraid of assembling :slight_smile:

I’m actually working through a similar issue. I have a custom piece and the hands are too long for a chapter ring (ideally, the chapter ring will help keep the dial in place). The friction appears to be enough to keep the dial in place on its own, BUT we had one drop which knocked the dial out of place. I’m planning to experiment with a little double-sided tape this weekend to give it that extra umph.

For your purposes though, the dial will be perfectly fine 99% of the time. It has zero mass and lots of friction. If the chapter ring fits correctly, it’ll also keep it in place. If the chapter ring isn’t the right size, it’s not hard to disassemble and swap out. Some companies will bend the legs of the dial once attached to the movement, but that is more permanent since too much bending will break them.

Thank you so much! I’m going to give it a try. (:smile: