Mod'ing the Seiko 5 Field Watch, SNZG15

I recently purchased a used SNZG15 Field Watch with a damaged crystal (will arrive in a few days). My plan was to swap the crystal for a double dome sapphire but… I got to thinking (dangerous). What if I swapped the case for a black samurai conversion or SKX aftermarket case… With a black bezel / bezel insert??? I am fairly certain that the movement and dial will fit (3:00 position). But what about the Chapter ring. Is the Chapter ring in the Field Watch removable and will it fit in an SKX size case? Anything else to be aware of? My goal is to have a blacked out Field Watch… Think it will look cool… but…

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks All !!!

The case swap should work. But the chapter ring on snzg looks considerably different from the skx chapter ring. I doubt that’ll work. It might be, movement and dial from snzg, and chapter ring and case from skx

Hey interesting idea, keep us updated on the mod!

This video should be useful to you:

Looks like the SNZG has a different chapter ring construction than the SKX or samurai. But the movement & dial look like the same. Should be fun!

And looks like the SNZG has a different crown (non screw down). Make sure you get a compatible crown as well