Mosel Completion

I just completed my Mosel model and thought I would add a few comments.

For a first go at building a watch I think that the DIY Watch kit approach was the right one for me. The videos were helpful to a point. As in anything, there are several ways to skin cats and I looked at many other videos, mostly on Youtube and adapted some of the steps. I had different, and sometimes better, tools from my new foray into watch repair and used them if I needed to. Of immense help was a real Bergeon movement holder.

I have a mild neurological condition and sometimes my hands are really shaky, noticeably so, but I have learned to not do fine work when I shouldn’t. I have also learned to brace my hands to fit the situations.

My nemesis was the hands. I bogeyed up both sets that came with the kit and ordered more from e-bay. New replacement hands from DIY, with shipping, was more than I wanted to pay. The included strap is still a bit stiff. Custom dial with my name is really cool.

Can I recommend DIY Watch Club? YES, I can. Will I come back for another kit. I just might!