Mosel dial seating issue

Hi all - I can’t seem to get my dial seated flush with the movement. Main pins line up fine, but I noticed the small secondary notches on the movement don’t line up with the holes on the back of the dial ring. Not sure if this makes sense, but I can’t seem to get photos to upload. Anyone else have a similar issue?

I believe only the two pins are supposed to line up. You might try continuing construction and once it’s seated in the case (but before pushing the stem in) see if it looks satisfactory.

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Thanks for the reply! I thought I might continue with the build, but I’m really not able to get the dial onto the movement with a gap < 1mm per the spec, and it’s also seating really unevenly.

I’m also baffled why there would be two smaller pins in the movement with matching holes on the dial that don’t seem to line up. Unfortunately, the diy video instructions do not mention anything about these items, and the dial in the video doesn’t have the same ring construction as mine. I have the smaller, 35mm Mosel fyi.

Here are links to a couple photos. I’ve tried to highlight the extra little foot on the movement and the hole it seems it should go into on the dial. It is keeping the dial from seating on the movement and also…why would the dial have matching receiving holes that don’t line up?

Didn’t read the title so didn’t realize you have the mosel. That works a little different than the other models. Are you sure it’s aligned correctly? If you have the open heart model it should be immediately over the balance wheel. If you have the skeleton face, the balance wheel should be around 7 o’clock judging from the photos.

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Thanks for the aligning reminder. I wouldn’t rule out improper alignment, but both dial pins are in the proper slots and the center movement pin seems to be dead on. Two little”feet” on the movement itself are keeping the dial suspended a bit. No skeleton hole, fyi.

I’m fairly mechanically inclined, and something just doesn’t feel right. Were you able to see the pictures I linked? You can clearly see the dial pin in the proper slot and the smaller “foot” on the movement itself keeping the dial from seating flush. I also circled the “hole” on the dial ring where that foot could go, although they don’t align.

After spending an hour or so really trying to understand how the pieces fit together, I just can’t understand why there would be 2 tiny feet on the movement keeping the dial propped up so awkwardly, and at the same time two slots where the feet could potentially go.

I did see the photo, yes. Thank you for posting. You might add a photo of the face, so we can see the alignment of dial and movement, and perhaps of the back of the dial so we can confirm those extra pegs are supposed to be there.

Full disclosure, I only work in seikos so I’m touristing a bit here. But sometimes a second pair of eyes help.

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Gladly. Here is the back of the dial and movement with items highlighted.

Sorry for disappearing. Was devoured by work and international travel :slight_smile: Looks like you got sorted though!!