Mosel stem issues; final assembly step

I’ve emailed the company and attempted to contact them via the website numerous times with no response. Hopefully someone here can help.

I’ve just finished assembling a Mosel watch given to me as a gift. Everything could not have gone more smoothly until that absolute last step where you reinsert the stem and crown for the last time. It absolutely refuses to catch and latch as it should. Sometimes it feels like it clicks in place only to find out it’s not working. I’ve completely disassembled the watch 6 times and each time I have the movement outside the bezel, it only takes one or two tries to get the stem and crown to insert into the movement and function correctly. My guess is there is something wrong with either the length of the stem or the bezel itself. I’ve spent two hours trying to simply insert the stem. I’m curious if others have experienced the same problem and what the solution is.

It sounds like the stem is too short. Email DWC, they can offer you a replacement.

I’ve emailed DWC so many times I’ve lost track. Customer service is the worst. Do you have an email address other than Jeff@?

Good luck. I was missing the two parts required to complete the watch and it is difficult to get a response. There seems to be no after sale support at all. I am supposedly being sent some replacement parts. I am not holding my breath. If I do not get them, there will be negative comments from me on any FB post or DIY watch community.

I agree the stem sounds too short. I would recommend going on-line and search for stems for the make and model of your movement, They are usually not expensive and readily available. You will have to learn to cut them to the correct size and mount the crown on them—there are videos on you tube. A very useful skill. From personal experience, when you order the stems, order several so you have some on hand.