Movement rotated 90 degrees

I just purchased a used DIY Watch Club watch off ebay and when it arrived the “12 O’clock” position is about 90 degrees off counter clockwise compared to the case and dial orientation. The date changes over around 8:30. Is there a way to rebuild the watch to correct this?

I also need to rebuild it to change the hands. The hands that came on the watch are not the same as the ones advertised in the kit that I think the original builder purchased. It is a NH-34 movement so I will the hands advertised as NH-35 compatible work if I also add a GMT hand underneath?

Thank you in advance.

The first part is easy. Just reinstall the hand when the date transitions. I’d follow their guide on hand installation to nail the alignments.

The GMT upgrade, afaik, isn’t that easy. The dial hole needs to be bigger to accommodate the GMT hand, and the vertical room you have underneath the crystal is much tighter (4 instead of 3 hands to fit underneath it). It’s probably doable if you know how to DIY your way around these two problems.

Thanks for the reply. This is the watch I have Blue bezel GMT. It is a GMT watch so I guess I’ll order a new set of hands and a GMT hand and install them with their guide. Thanks!