My 8N24 Movement has a problem and I cannot diagnose it!

Hello there!

I’m very new to all this so apologies if any of my terminology is off or I’m straight up being a bit of an idiot.

I started assembling my Mosel today - I’ve been so excited about it but nervous to start (my family and friends all banded together to get it for my 30th!), and I’ve followed the instructions to a tee. I got to putting the hands on and gave it a wind, and it makes a loud whirring noise and not all the parts seem to be moving inside. I compared it with the video of just the movement doing it’s thing, and it seems some of the small parts inside mine aren’t moving at all? I pressed on, attached the hour hand and when wound it spins at the rate of a second hand for a little while before everything stops. The escape wheel spins, but the pallet isn’t moving atall.

Afraid I don’t know how to attach a video or anything so I’m probably not articulating this very well, but I think there’s a problem inside the movement itself and I don’t really know what to do.

Not the easiest thing to help with I’m sure but…any advice?

Sorry if it’s already been asked anywhere - I tried searching but no dice! Been terrified to ask in case I’ve somehow messed it up for good. Please help!


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The loud whirring noise seems suspicious. I would check for the source of the noise to figure out the problem. Try winding it again and see if anything in the movement, like the rotor spinning or something, is making the noise

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I think I know what’s happening based on your description. And if I’m right, it should be an easy fix.

So basically there’s a clutch that prevents the movement from unwinding itself. Sometimes it’s just not engaged. And when you wind, the movement immediately starts unwinding, and the automatic rotor would spin crazy fast, creating a whirring noise. So I second @NickPat and check if the rotor is spinning fast when you wind.

Let me know how it goes. If that’s what happening, I know the fix, and the movement is likely not broken. I can show you when I can get my hands on my movement

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Thank you both for being so kind in trying to help me! I’m talking to someone on the Facebook chat now (although it’s nearly 4am here in London so I’m going to have to crash soon!!) and hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of it!

The rotor isn’t spinning in an unusual way - normal movement judging by the videos I’m seeing of other Miyota 8n24s - in case it’s useful I’ve tried to draw a diagram of where I think the noise is coming from and which parts are and aren’t moving! Hope it’s useful in some way, if a little rudimentary!!

Oh in that case I think it’s something different. Could you use a loupe and check the pallet fork? See if the two slabs of jewels (the tips of the fork) are intact or not (like actually still there, or displaced, or broken off tip or something). Seems like the pallet fork is not doing its job regulating the release of the escape wheel. So the escape wheel is spinning freely

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I had a look and the jewels were intact, but through speaking with Jacky from DWC and sending some videos they managed to work out that the escapement has some issue, the pallet fork is not engaged with the gear train. Replacement on the way - exceptional customer service and huge kindness from the team and the forum community. What a lovely thing to witness!

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Great to hear that. From what I’ve seen around here, their customer service is indeed top notch. Hope it goes well with the replacement movement

@igiornogiovanna i know this is a very old thread but i have the problem with the clutch not engaging and the movement unwinding through the rotor, i want to ask you if you can maybe explain the solution to get the clutch working right again.
Thanks in advance.

  1. if the pallet fork isn’t engaging, I’d email customer service first. It might be possible to fix, but that it broke once would make me worried it would break again during normal wear and make your favorite watch a not-favorite.

  2. the pallet fork is very carefully placed in the tiny dimple in a jewel. If it got knocked out of place it SHOULD work if repositioned. But this requires a lot of patience and precision. A fun hobby though! YouTube is your best bet. I broke three or four movements before I was able to do this semi-successfully so gird yourself for a few false attempts.