My balance wheel isnt oscillating

I’ve just opened the package for my new watch, when I arrived at step 1c of the instructions, I realised that my balance wheel isn’t oscillating, I have listened to all the previous steps and made sure to follow each one carefully. Is there anything I can do or is my watch faulty?

Have you tried pull out and push in the crown, and then wind up the movement? because that’s what it took to get my movement start running

The same thing happened with mine. I thought it was just me

Those tricks don’t work

I tried winding up the watch but it still doesnt seem to work

Perhaps check if the balance wheel is stuck? Could you turn it both ways freely? (but be very careful doing it)

@aeohlsson have you tried reaching out to them? I had a similar issue and their team helped me tremendously.

fyi, I contacted them through this:

Thank you very much I will try to contact them!

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